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20th Sept 2007:New 300 series Skoda-Liaz tractor photos

Liaz 4ever!

Dear visitors and friends of Liaz trucks,

Welcome to - a website dedicated to the history of the Liaz company and vehicles produced during it's existence between 1951 - 2003. This website is an imaginary monument that should remind us of the Liaz vehicles and their designers who had a great effect on our country during the whole 2nd half of 20th century and who are still in the game. As well as Czech republic (former Czechoslovakia),Liaz trucks have affected lives of many generations of professional drivers and servicemen that have been taught by Liaz trucks and stayed in touch with them (very often) for the rest of their lives. Although Liaz trucks have now become obsolete we all should pay them equal attention as those vehicles are a indivisible part of our past, and nation without a past is nation without a future. Let Liaz stays in our hearts and memories forever.

Liaz 4ever!